Step 1: AI Strategy

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AI is a transformative technology touching upon all industries and business functions. Approaching it in a strategic way is key to sustainable returns in the long term. 



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Holistic project evaluation

The AI Canvas, our tool for project evaluation

Ideas for AI projects come in all shapes and forms and initially always sound promising. But without a detailed and holistic evaluation of the approach, they quickly turn into dead-ends or disappointments.

To avoid this - together with the University of St. Gallen - we developed the AI Canvas, guiding us through all areas to be covered before engaging on an AI project. It gives us and our customers a guideline as to ensuring that all bases have been covered before investing in an AI project. With it we can ensure that the business case, technological approach and implementation are soundly prepared, leading to successful and reliable AI solutions.


”MX Momentum helped us streamline our ongoing AI initiatives across multiple international BU’s. The established processes enable us to rapidly transform new ideas into impactful AI solutions.”

Verena Vescoli, SVP R&D ams OSRAM

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